Uber Promo Code: How to Apply Them


You may have been thinking and desiring how to maximize the Uber promo code, you don’t have to think further. This article will offer a step-by-step approach on how to fully enjoy this wonderful gift that can greatly assist you in getting a good price cut from Uber. 

In case you now have the Uber promo codes and now want to insert them into your account, then this is how you can insert it and enjoy it’s value with your first ride.

On the other hand, if you did receive an Uber promo code through a friend or someone, it certainly means that you’ve received information that you have been awarded a free promo code in your account.  Normally, https://www.rydely.com/ indicates that Uber always sends out information, telling you of a price cut in your next ride, and explains how you can get it.
There are two sure ways to make use of the Uber code;


You can choose to log on to the Uber website through a browser, sign in with your details and then put in your phone number or email address. After that, click on payment on the left hand menu and insert your free code and then, hit the apply button. With this, you are ready to enjoy your free ride.
The other way to claim your Uber free code is as thus;
You can possibly go through their application on your mobile phone and open the main menu, hit the payment button and click on ‘’Gift Code’’. Insert your code and click on ‘’APPLY’’. That’s all.
Now, steps on getting the Uber code include;

  1. Be a first time user.

Having this status gives you an express claim to your free code. I will like to stress again that Uber receives it’s first time users with a free ride voucher which is worth twenty dollars.

  1. As an existing user, you can even earn an extra five dollars by just referring people. Any person who registers by using your invite link will get the fresh twenty dollars as a first timer while you who invited the person gets five dollars in which you can use as bonus for a free ride.
  1. If you want to explore other similar taxi company that offer same service, Lyft should definitely be the one. This choice is profitable like Uber because it provides different types of free codes to both new and existing users of it’s platform.


  1. You should be mindful of promotional events from Uber. At times, the transport company offer some free for special events but it expires within few hours. So, you need to up your game so as to grab and enjoy it.


                       Best Uber Promo Code and Free Ride Credit
Most new transport companies who are just emerging and trying to compete do present a referral idea in order to lure customers to try their service. Nevertheless, Uber is on top of the game in providing free ride codes for both it’s new and existing users.    Now, I want to ask you this question; how do you want to obtain the Uber free code that many other passengers have used to receive their free rides? I will briefly explain here how you can get yours, whether you are a new or existing Uber rider.

If you wish to try our updated rideshare experience with Uber t a price cut, you will certainly find it in the recent promo code. The service offers free rides to a new user that is worth about twenty dollars and the value of the promo depends on the area where you registered.

Immediately you insert the free code into your account, you will get a trip at a price slash in any location that you selected.


Some people have asked why Uber runs a promo code program for both new and existing users and this is the reason: Uber extends it’s largesse to these categories of users in order to have them on their platform and then to maintain them. It is a good opportunity for new users to try the service since they are paying anything for their first trip and drivers are not left out in this arrangement because they also receive their bonus. So, you see, this is the killer promotions that the company offers.

I will like to explain further regarding drivers’ bonuses. It is the gospel truth that Uber has plenty of drivers across the globe and most of them drive for both Uber and Lyft. Now, these drivers carry out cross-promotions between Uber and Lyft services, telling close pals and the general public about Uber both on social media platforms and person to person.

The reward the drivers get is a minimum of five dollars on every registration from a new user. Well, it is very obvious that Uber has a powerful marketing tool for this business and there is no match to it anywhere in the world. I believe you are now convinced about Uber promotional or free ride program for both new and existing users, and you have decide to sign up with the program? If that is so, here are steps on how to do it;

Get the Uber application downloaded on your phone, create your personal account and insert you personal details including payment options. Now, hit the ‘’My Account’’ button and put in your promo code. When this is done, you can now request a trip which is free.

I will end by revealing few mistakes people make in this process and how to avoid them. It is just for you to be cautious.  Firstly, as a new user, do not request for a ride when you have not inserted your free code else you will end up paying for that trip. Secondly, you have to use up all your free ride credit at once. Leaving some remnant may deny you from accessing it again.
Hope this is helpful? Thank you.